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  General Comments and Suggestions by Parents and Carers

It is really important to St John's to ensure that we obtain Parent feedback regularly. This information allows us to see where our strengths lie and also the areas in which we need to improve.  

We sent out our latest Parent and Carer Questionnaire in the Spring Term 2019 and we were thrilled with the results. 

Please take some time to read the results and also the parents comments made. The Children's names have been removed from these comments. 


Thank you to all of the Parents and Carers who responded. 


Parent Feedback February 2019

"I am very happy and proud of my child's writing. I never thought my child would be able to write at this age" - Parent of a Reception Class child


"The school always encourages good attendance and punctuality" - Parent of a Year 5 child


"I love the school's value of god , love and community" - Parent of a Reception Class child


"I am happy with all the hard work that both school and staff have put in to support and deliver high standard work" - Parent of a Year 6 child


I am happy the school is continuing to work hard in all areas - Parent of a Year 6 child


The school understands the needs of their children and is well organised - Parent of children in Nursery, Reception and Year 4


"My son is really improving since he started at this school, I really love the school" - Parent of a child in Nursery

"We are happy about the improvements in the school both the headteacher and the teachers. I feel excited to be part of the school" - Parent of a pupil in Year 5


"The school shows genuine love, care and support for myself and my daughter. It is a amazing!" - Parent of a child in Reception Class


100% of families responded, said their child was making good progress and that parents were well informed about their child's progress


Parents agreed that there was a wide range of curriculum activities for their child and that teaching was good.


Parents strongly agreed that the school expects their child to work hard and achieve their best


Parent Feedback October 2018


  • "I am so pleased with how my child has progressed thank you."
  • "Staff are willing to go that extra mile"
  • "I think the teaching is of a very high quality"


  • "St John's is a very inclusive school"
  • "Communication with parents is very good"
  • "Behaviour is good"


Your Wishes: 

Improved Playground:  The Friends and Families of St John’s group are fundraising to purchase a permanent play fixture for the playground. The school is also trying to apply for funding where possible to help make our playground an exciting and fun place for the children to play and learn.


Greater access to more after school clubs – In the past we offered paid after school clubs to cover the cost of staffing but found parents were unable to afford to pay for such clubs. Staff have offered to donate their time, free of charge, for us to provide a range of activities to enrich the curriculum for our learners and to allow all our learners to be able to access a different club once a term.



Parents may also like to complete the OFSTED parental questionnaire, Parentview, by clicking HERE or email the school with any immediate feedback or suggestions.