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Governors Day

Every term we hold our special Governor Day. These involve our Governors coming to spend the day in school with us. They spend time looking around our school, observing lessons and talking to all our children, parents and staff about ways in which we can further improve our school.

Our most recent Governors Day was on 11th February 2019.

We really appreciate our Governors giving up their precious time to come and see us in action!

What Have Our Governors Been Doing?


Members of our Governing Body spent a day in school on Monday 11th February 2019.

Governors attended collective worship led by our RE lead on the theme of Koinonia

During the day, governors visited classes to look at teaching and learning.


  • looked at our learners’ books
  • spoke to pupils about their learning
  • Met with subject leaders and the school council

Subject leaders discussed how they were reviewing their area of the curriculum in light of OFSTED’s changes due in September 2019

Governors looked at the foundation subjects:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Art and DT

They focused upon how the school is designing the curriculum and making it      relevant to our learners’ needs

Governors are aware that the school was focusing on the acquisition,                understanding and application of subject specific vocabulary. They noted that staff use ‘big questions’ to engage learners and that pupils had positive attitudes towards their learning. 

Members of the Governing Body were in school for the day on 11th February.  I enjoyed collective worship, an art lesson, looking at books, meeting lots of you, and hearing parents talk about the school.  If you see us in school again, please come and say hello! 

Governors were also in school during the royal visit and I enjoyed watching Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall open our new library. We especially enjoyed watching you sing! Governors, staff, parents and the community have raised money for our beautiful new library.

 Anna Manning