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Corona Virus Update 20/03/2020 - School Closure


Firstly, thank you for your patience during this unprecedented period, we know that you have been waiting for this letter.


Free School Meals Provision

We know that free school meals are important for many families.  We are currently looking at ways to ensure that eligible free school meal children can continue to be supported. Pupils continue to receive a hot meal prepared onsite between 12:00 to 1:00pm.  It is important that you contact the school office on Monday 23rd March 2020 by 11am to confirm whether or not you wish to access this service.


Contact details are as follows – 0207 274 4847 or email admin@st-johns.lambeth.sch.uk


Care provision for children of key workers and those that are vulnerable

We are delighted to be able to play our part in the current situation by remaining open from Tuesday 24th March 2020 for the children of key workers at the front line of the crisis and for vulnerable children. 


Last night, the Government published its guidance on which groups we should provide for.  Full details can also be found at




Vulnerable children include children who are supported by social care, those with safeguarding and welfare needs, including child in need plans, on child protection plans, ‘looked after’ children, young carers, disabled children and those with an EHCP.


The Government’s main message is that, if it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be there rather than mixing with others to avoid the virus spreading. But please do not leave your children with the elderly or other vulnerable adults. If a child needs specialist support, is vulnerable or has a parent who is a critical worker, then educational provision will be available for them if no other alternative arrangement can be made.  Children should not be going on play days to the park, to friend’s homes and other public places where they may be put at risk.


We will open our school from 8.45am until 3.30pm. Families will be able to opt-in or opt-out to our provision on a weekly basis notifying the academy of any changes by Wednesday of each week. We

will need to see some evidence of your entitlement from your employer to this provision.


There will be a daily register, with the list of pupil names updated each week.  If your child id unwell, we will expect you to notify us by 8.30am if they are unable to attend on a particular day (or even sooner if you can). This will enable us to keep your children safe and plan their meals for their day.


 If you or your child has a temperature and/or a new persistent cough, please do not come into school. Please telephone and speak to a member of the admin team.   It is important that we safeguard the children attending school and our staff. 


Children whose parents are not key workers or who are not vulnerable. 

All other children will need to stay at home, so we ask that you do not send your child into school from Tuesday 23rd March onwards. Please note that this is a national closure so whilst it is a challenging situation, we are not alone. We will re-open fully as soon as we can and will let you know when this is by an update on our website.


Please complete the school closure survey on our website.  Parents must provide documentation from their employer to confirm their key worker status via e-mail it to admin@st-johns.lambeth.sch.uk or bring to the school.


At a time in which there is a great deal of anxiety and stress amongst families, we are doing our best to provide an environment that makes your roles as key workers easier to fulfil and ensure your children are well cared for and given the support they need.


Please ensure pupils arrive in school uniform, for 8:45am.  School will end at 3:30pm.


The Department for Education has launched a new coronavirus helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education and children’s social care. Staff, parents/carers and pupils can contact the helpline by:


Phone: 0800 046 8687   Email: DfE.coronavirushelpline@education.gov.uk


We understand that this latest news will have an impact on you and your family and it’s far from ideal, but we will continue to keep in touch with any updates as the situation develops. If you want to get in touch to share any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact details on our website.


I would like to thank all parents/carers for their understanding and support during this time


Yours sincerely


Mrs Nicky Zeronian-Dalley    

Executive Head