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Building Learning Power

What is Building Learning Power?

An approach grounded in solid science and practical experience which is designed to help young people to:

  •           Learn more
  •           Learn better 
  •           Become better learners
  •           Become lifelong learners

 Learning about learning has more of an impact on pupils’ achievement:

Learning Power involves building and developing particular habits of mind to enable young people to face difficulties calmly, confidently and creatively, and hence be better prepared as lifelong learners.

 What do good learners do?


          Show enthusiasm

          Embrace the task

          Have alternatives      

          Explore alternatives

          Take risks    

          Have confidence
Have different strategies to tackle tasks

          Articulate their thinking

          Work with others

          Are creative

         Develop collaboration

 One way of mapping these qualities is in terms of the “5Rs”

Resilience – locking onto learning, perseverance, risk taking, managing distractions

Resourcefulness – knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do, questioning, imagining, making links

Readiness- Always having the right mind-set, equipment and ready for learning

Responsibility- The willingness to have shared accountability for own learning and actions

Reciprocity/Relationships – learning alone and with others, empathy, listening