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Breakfast Club

Our breakfast club is open to all children attending St John’s Angell Town C of E Primary School.

The club operates on school premises in a safe environment, led by members of staff at St John’s whose purpose is to make sure the children have the very best start to their day.

Our breakfast club offers not only childcare but an opportunity for children to eat breakfast at school before the school day starts as we believe that every child needs a healthy breakfast to aid their concentration in the morning. Food is supplied by FareShare. FareShare redistributes good quality, surplus food to schools breakfast and afterschool clubs. We would love to support pupils in developing their independent skills by being able to make their own breakfast.  Breakfast club is open from 7:45am and children must arrive by 8:20am as this is the latest time breakfast will be served.

The Breakfast Club offers

A tasty breakfast - the most important meal of the day!

Breakfast Choices:

  • Variety of Cereals - Cornflakes, Cheerios, Rice Krispies and Weetabix
  • Variety of Drinks – water, milk, juices and smoothies
  • Variety of Breads – bagels, toast, waffles with choice of spreads
  • Variety of Yogurts
  • Variety of Fruits

The Breakfast Club provides a variety of free play of activities and freedom for children to choose their own activities.

Time: 7:45am - 8:45am
Cost: £2.50 per child, per day (as of 1st September 2018)
Weekly cost: £12.50
Location: Breakfast Club Room 


  • Drop-off will be through the school main entrance.
  • Breakfast is served up to 8:20am. Children must arrive before 8.20am if they wish to have breakfast.
  • Children will participate in a wide range of fun and creative activities that will build social skills and confidence.
  • Children will be escorted to their class ready for the start of the school day at 8.55am.