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Attendance and Punctuality


At St. John's we want to ensure that our pupils receive every opportunity available to them to achieve their full potential. In order to gain the most from school, children need to attend school regularly and on time. We know that when children miss lessons, due to absence or lateness, it has a negative impact on their progress. As teachers often plan sequences of lessons over a week or longer period of time, one missed day really does matter; it means that your child has to catch up on what has been missed. 

We want to ensure that pupils are in school for the maximum number of days. Our attendance target figure for all pupils is 96% which means missing school no more than 6 days per year, or two days per term.  Good attendance at primary school helps children develop skills for life; missing school seriously affects life opportunities. 

The school is unable to authorise any term time holiday.  In very special circumstances, the school may grant special leave if the necessary evidence is provided. 

In our policy, we have detailed our procedures for dealing with poor attendance and punctuality. 

Reception 93.4%
Year 1 96.4%
Year 2 95.0%
Year 3 96.3%
Year 4 96.3%
Year 5 95.3%
Year 6 97.2%


St John's Angell Town Attendance and Punctuality Policy

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