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Through Art, our learners have a chance to develop their creativity; they are also constantly developing their awareness of colour, shape, texture, pattern and focus. Within Art sessions, our learners have the opportunity to try out a wide variety of skills, methods and techniques through a wide range of medium. At St John’s, we believe that high-quality Art lessons will inspire children to think innovatively and develop creative procedural understanding.

 At St John's, we believe that all children are creative and we aim to develop their imaginative and practical skills so that they can express their ideas and feeling through a variety of media. The school is very well equipped with resources and expertise and space. We believe that the children’s sketchbooks are very important as a dictionary of the skills they are building up and how they are progressing and improving these skills each time they revisit them.


Through our art lessons we cover the four art and design strands: creativity, competence, cultural understanding and critical understanding. We aim that they experiment with a range of media each year such as pencil, graphite, charcoal, ink, pastels (chalk and oil), paint, printing, collage, clay and photography, building skills each year. We also look at a number of artists / craftspersons or designers who use the different media and styles that the children are learning about.


Creativity: While at St John's, the children will try new ideas and ways of working, taking creative risks when exploring, experimenting and responding to ideas. They will also take creative risks with the information that they select and the resources they use to help them develop their work.


Competence: They will learn to use their technical knowledge and skills to control the appearance and feel of different media when designing and making and, when learning new processes, they will apply their technical knowledge and skills to control the way they use line, shape, tone, colour, texture and form.


Cultural Understanding: When looking at work from different cultures, they will think about and share their ideas about the techniques and approaches that are used by the artists, craftspersons and designers. They will think about and discuss these, considering both the context in which the work was made and why they think it was made.


Critical Understanding: They will evaluate their own work and that of others, reflecting on their own view of its meaning and purpose (why they made it and what it means). They will then use these evaluations to adapt and refine their ideas, the processes they use and their intentions.


We encourage the children to think about art and design’s place in society and the fact that there is evidence of creativity all around us which affects and changes the way we live our lives.


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