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 School Development Plan for Parents

Over the last term, the Governors and staff have met with you, listened to your comments and taken some of your suggestions on board:


  • Offering a Breakfast Club and After School Club
  • Increasing the range of clubs after school
  • Offering musical instrument tuition and peripatetic tuition through Lambeth Music Service
  • ICT technical support and online safety
  • Flexible Parent's Consultation slots 
  • Broader range of accessories and products from class and individual photos
  • Support with adult and children's mental health
  • signposting to support services such as food banks and housing support

We hope that you will see the progress that we have made in all of these areas.


Over the course of the next year, we will be aiming to address our priorities, as set out in our School Development Plan. The aim of the School Development Plan is to raise standards of attainment and progress in all areas. We are particularly focussing this year on raising the proportion of outstanding teaching and learning, maths, reading and writing and the achievement of all groups of pupils, especially the more able.

Our priorities are set out on the link below so that you can see clearly what we are aiming to achieve. We look forward to meeting you all in school over the coming term.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Williams | Acting Headteacher




School Improvement Plan | St Bridget's Primary and Early Years Class

School Development Plan 2023 -2024