Links with Zimbabwe

Links with St Martin's school in
Kwe Kwe, Zimbabwe


St John’s sent out arts and crafts equipment for the school.

Crafty bits sent from St Johns to St Martins

Pens and pencils from the children

The visit was explained to the children during assembly


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St John's is forging links with a school in Zimbabwe called St Martin's.

The school currently has 15 classes but needs 22 and St John's are helping to raise money for the school.

In February 2015, Karen Dovey, St John's Specialist Support Teacher, visited the school and took with her a book from each class and some pens and pencils for the children. She also took a photo album and some letters written by the children.

We sent out a book from each class

Nursery - Handa's Surprise, Eileen Browne

Reception - Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson


Year 1 - Goldilocks & the 3 Bears

Year 2 - The Famous Farter, D.Boyle


Year 3 - Matilda,
R Dahl

Year 4 - My worst Sister, J. Wilson


Year 5 - The White Horse, M. Mpurgo

Year 6 - Oliver Twist, C. Dickens

The children at St Martin's gave St John's a photo album with samples of children's work & photographs.

St John's continues to raise funds for St Martin's through Fund Raising Days. Other events are in the pipeline during the year to help the school. This is just part of our school vision of making the world a better place.


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