Pupil Voice



A Peer Mediator’s Responsibilities:
"It is our job to sort out problems like
teasing or arguments that have
happened during playtime"

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School Councillors - 2016/2017:

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Our Student Councillors have provided the following information:

Things that are going really well/areas in which there has been improvements:

  • The children state that there is a lovely atmosphere around school where they feel safe and everyone gets along well. One child in KS1 quoted, 'Everyone in my class is friendly and kind to me!'. The children say that there seems to be less fall outs and disagreements. The children in KS2 have noticed a big reduction in the amount of warnings received in their class. The children agreed that co-operation has improved in their class. One child in Year 4 quoted, 'People in my class always talk things through and find a way to be friends if they have fallen out, before they would not be friends for a while'.
  • Similarly, the children all agreed that playground behaviour had improved, again with less people receiving warnings.
  • All the children said they had seen a big improvement in corridor behaviour- there has been less running and classes are being quieter whilst moving through the corridor.
  • They are very happy with new playground equipment that has recently been put into use at break and lunch times.
  • Prefects have begun their duties and this is having a positive impact on how children walk in and out of worship.
  • The children say the 'Worry Box' in class is very good to have. A child in Year 6 quoted, 'If I have a problem I don't feel scared, I can put it in the worry box and it will be sorted out by my teacher'.

Areas of requiring improvement:

  • Behaviour in toilets. Incidents of tissues been thrown on the floor etc were reported.
  • Some incidents in the dinner hall e.g. some children being silly with food etc.

The children are now going to ask their class for their opinions about what is going well and if there are any areas of concern.

It is our job to take issues brought up by our class to the School Council. We will put across the views of our class and not just our opinions. We will report to our class after every School Council meeting.
It is our job to make sure everyone is playing and having fun in the playground.
SPORTS COUNCIL (Responsibilities)
To organise games and carry out with key stage one.
To manage equipment going out at lunch times.
To put equipment away.
To report misuse of school equipment to a member
of staff.
To be a good role model for their class in sports and around the school.
The choir's rsponsibility is to perform in and outside of school promoting the school and being brilliant ambassadors and role models for the school. They are called the choir of excellence because this is what they are continually striving for.