Our school governors play an active part in school life.
  • Rev Canon Rosemarie Mallett - Ex Officio
  • Mr Chris Taylor - Foundation
  • Ms Claudette Jaggon - Foundation
    Mrs Anna Manning [Green] -
  • Foundation
  • Ms Hannah Abiri - Foundation
  • Ms Yvonne Steel - SDBE
  • Mr Martin Clark - Headteacher
  • Mr Patrick Williams - Staff
  • Mr Glen Mehn - LA
  • Mr James Asfa - SDBE
  • Mr Ragul Madan - Parent
  • Mrs Niloufar Fouladpour - Co opted
  • Mrs Omolara Dada - Parent
  • Ms Terry Lewis - Foundation

  • Ms Vanessa Henry - Associate Member
  • Mrs Hafiza Ahaj - Associate Member
  Rev Canon Rosemarie Mallett (Chair)
Hannah Abiri
James Asfa
Niloufar Fouladpour
Omolara Dada
Terry Lewis
Hafiza Risour Haj-Saaid
Martin Clark
  Chris Taylor (Chair)
Rev Canon Rosemarie Mallett
James Asfa
Glen Mehn
Claudette Jaggon
Ragul Madan
Martin Clark
  Yvonne Steel (Chair)
Anna Manning [Green]
Glen Mehn
Patrick Williams
Martin Clark

  Rev Canon Rosemarie Mallett
Claudette Jaggon
Chris Taylor
Martin Clark

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All state-funded schools in this country are required to have Governing Bodies. Their job is to provide strong strategic leadership and hold the Headteacher and senior management to account. The Head is entirely responsible for the day-to-day management of the school. Governors are there to support the Head and his colleagues. They should not get directly involved in operational matters.

The Governing Body is the first point of accountability for the school's management. Working with the school's leadership, it sets the strategic direction for the school, approves policies and budgets, and monitors how well the school is doing.

The full Governing Body meets formally three times a year. Governors also visit the school to talk to staff and sit in classes.

Governors Meetings 2018
Date Time Committee
Term 3 & 4    
Mon 5th March 08:30 Full Governing Body
Fri 23rd March 08:30 Resources
TBA 08:30 PPC
Term 5 & 6    
Mon 16th April 17:30 Curriculum & Standards
Tue 24th April 08:30 Faith
Thurs 26th April 08:30 PPC
Fri 11th May 08:30 Resources
Fri 8th June 08:30 Full Governing Body
Fri 29th June 08:30 Resources



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