Feedback quotes

"The school is full of smiling faces and laughter and not one raised voice was heard all day. Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary."
Pauline Roberts - Assessor for Inclusion Quality Mark (UK) Ltd

School Survey 2015

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What parents and carers have to say about our school:

"Never before have we seen our child so eager to attend school and he is a much happier child at home too. Sending him to St John’s was the best thing that we could possibly have done."
Parent at the Annual Review

"The school listens, responds, supports; makes the impossible possible, makes what seems unachievable achievable and is a model of inclusion for all."
New parent

"The school’s work with parents is astonishing. In a very moving meeting with a group of parents, which has to be described in detail because of the profound statements that were made, several cried as they explained how much the school means to them and the many different ways in which the head teacher and staff have supported them."
Pauline Roberts - Assessor for Inclusion Quality Mark (UK) Ltd

"Our son returned from school with a twinkle in his eye and is happy to speak about his day at school. He also said he wanted to go to school on a Saturday!!? On Sunday evening, instead of tantrums, we have a little boy who is excited about going to school in the morning."
New parent

"You never see children getting angry here!"

"My son has finished yet another book! What have you managed to do to him - its amazing!"
Parent of a non-reader on entry

"My son was at your school for five years and is due to leave St John’s Angell Town in July. Throughout his time at the school he has grown from a small, scared boy to a mature young man. Thank you."
Parent of school leaver 2014

"You make the family better than they could be."

"St John’s is such an amazing school in so many ways, not least of which is the caring and supportive community that it promotes amongst its staff and pupils."
A volunteer parent

"When I came from Iran 12 years ago, I had no family, no friends and no support. The school gave me lots of support and over the years they have given me hope."

"Where else would you find a school that will come and conduct home visits!"
Anxious learner’s parent

"! love the artwork on display around the school. I was really impressed with everything I saw and the warm friendly atmosphere that the school has."
A volunteer parent

"The parents speak of trust, openness and friendship, saying that the staff of the school always have their children’s interests at heart and there is always someone to turn to."
John Viner (SIAMS)

What the children have to say about our school:

"The school always supports us to do our best."

"If you are confused your teacher will pick someone to help you."

"The school is different from other schools as it has its own ideas and is surprising and unexpected in the help it gives."

"The school rules are from the Bible. They build our character and that’s how God wants us to be."