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Our ultimate aim is for our children to leave St John’s School as confident, literate learners who can communicate their ideas in the written and spoken form. Every opportunity is made to teach English as a cross curricular subject. We aim to develop core skills, knowledge and understanding within this subject so that learners are fully equipped to access all areas of learning. The English curriculum covers speaking and listening, reading and writing (including spelling and grammar and handwriting).  Regardless of a child’s stage of development upon entry, we pride ourselves on being able to develop learners so that each child becomes confident and proficient in the use of  English.

Speaking and listening is at the heart of our approach to teaching English. Our creative curriculum provides children with opportunities to develop communication skills, through an appropriate range of activities that enable children to hone and advance their speaking and listening skills. Children are encouraged to express and explore their thoughts with confidence. Through discussion, children are encouraged to listen to and evaluate the ideas, views and feelings of others.  Importantly, children are taught to respect the points of view of others and respond accordingly.

At St John’s Angell Town, the children are taught to read using a variety of approaches, including the use of phonics and key sight word recognition. Children are taught to read for meaning, ensuring that they have a clear understanding of what they read. This multi faceted approach to reading ensures that all learners are fully equipped with the key skills to be successful readers. We actively promote reading for pleasure. Children are encouraged to read independently, in groups, share books with family and friends, and use reading as a tool to explore their own interests. We have established strong partnerships with our local libraries.

Writing is an exciting and engaging activity at St John’s Angell Town CEP. Children are encouraged to be confident writers and enjoy the writing process.  The creative curriculum ensures that there is a plethora of writing stimuli. Opportunities for extended writing occur once a week through the use of Ros Wilson’s Big Write approach. The bid writing approach ensures that our children have good grounding in the fundamental elements of writing, grammar and punctuation. Lessons focus not only on writing, but also incorporate speaking and listening elements through drama and role play activities.