Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural Development


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Pupils at St John’s Angell Town CE Primary School develop spiritually by demonstrating the following characteristics:
  • Pupils have a set of values, principles and beliefs, which may or may not be religious, which inform their perspective on life and their patterns of behaviour.
  • All pupils show awareness and understanding of their own and others’ beliefs.
  • They have a respect for themselves and for others.
  • Pupils have a sense of empathy with others, concern and compassion.
  • Pupils have an increasing ability to reflect and learn from this reflection.
  • All pupils show courage and persistence in seeking to live out their aims, values, principles and beliefs.
  • Children show a respect for insight as well as for knowledge and reason.
  • Pupils demonstrate a readiness to challenge all that would constrain the human spirit: for example,
  • poverty of aspiration, lack of self-confidence and belief, moral neutrality or indifference, force, fanaticism, aggression, greed, injustice, narrowness of vision, self-interest, sexism, racism and other forms of discrimination.
  • Children show an appreciation of the intangible - for example, beauty, truth, love, goodness, order - as well as for mystery, paradox and ambiguity.
  • There is an expressive and/or creative impulse in all pupils.
  • Pupils show a marked ability to think in terms of the “whole”, for example, concepts such as harmony, interdependence, scale, and perspective.
  • All children show understanding of feelings and emotions, and their likely impact. There is an awareness of how they can develop and change.